Elect Erin Reilly for New Haven's 97th State Rep!

Endorsed by CT Fraternity of Police.

Endorsed Independent - Vote 4C

Endorsed Republican - Vote 4B

Safety and Security

Police brutality is horrific.  It should never happen.  When CT's  elected leaders passed the "Police Accountability Act" they left police out.  99.99% of our officers are GOOD cops, they want the bad cops out too!  They made suggestions to the bill, but my opponent  Al Paolillo IGNORED them.  Sgt. Castiline, President of the CT State Police Union said, "If you vote yes for this legislation, as one of our legislators, in my opinion, you can be only one of two things.  You're either a cop hater, or you're brain dead."  the bill was flawed and needed amendments.  As 97th State Rep., I'll work with Police and support law enforcement to keep residents and officers SAFE!  This bill makes life more dangerous for both officers and the public.  

I Back the Blue!​


For too long, New Haven students have lagged behind their suburban peers in test scores, funding, and supplies.  Education directly and indirectly impacts all aspects  of CT's problems.  Inequities in education have a profound impact on a child's life and future and directly impact generational poverty.  On a state level, my goal is to support equitable student funding.  CT has the responsibility to ensure each student receives the same quality education and each student in the state should receive the same amount of funding for their education.  I believe in school choice, school accountability, and proactive safety measures for students.

Why NO Tolls?

Tolls will only increase the costs of everything to all of us.  We cannot only tax trucks, or place them only at the borders. This would cause companies to increase the cost of shipping and companies would pass the costs onto us, the consumers. Placing tolls only at the borders would cause us to lose federal highway funding,  $700 million a year - so tolls would have to make 700 million a year just to break even.  Imagine having to pay or avoid tolls while simply running errands, visiting friends or relatives, and traveling around for leisure. CT is already unaffordable! 


Erin volunteers often at her church's  soup kitchen, contributing both her time and supplies to help the unfortunate.   Stories of "The Great Hunger" in Ireland during the Potato Famine passed down through generations touched her heart and she can't stand to see anyone go hungry.  Erin is a member of the Greater New Haven St. Patrick's Day Committee, Irish American Community Center, KOSP, and a founding member of the Irish Cultural and Sports Association of Southern CT.  She was also appointed to the New Haven Financial Review and Audit Commission.


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