Erin is a granddaughter of Irish immigrants who came here seeking a better life. Like many others who came, they found it!  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in CT.  CT is not the beacon of light it once was.  High taxes, low opportunity, and the high cost of living has made CT one of the states with the highes​t move out percentages in the nation.  It's not too late to change that! Unlike her opponent, Erin has the courage to make and support difficult decisions; not by party, but by what is RIGHT!   CT needs lower taxes and fees.  We need to attract companies and opportunities back to CT.  We need not look for additional revenue streams, but to get our spending under control.  Erin's expertise in the private sector in the financial field will be an amazing asset to the CT legislature.  On Tuesday, November 3rd, vote for change, and vote Republican ERIN REILLY to 97th State Rep.!​ ​

Questio​ns? ​Email ​me at [email protected]

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